Sunday, January 2, 2011

Airport Reflections

As I sit stranded in the airport (flight delays, missed connections), trying not to think about the fact that I will soon be spending my second night in a row on an airplane,  I've decided to think about happier things, like all the goodies I enjoyed in Zihuatanejo.  While managing to eat a lot of raw food, I gave myself experimentation space and enjoyed some cooked seafood and adult beverages.  Here are some of my faves:

Fresh, flavorful, fruit, including the best finger-licking mango I've ever had:

Fun bevies:

Horhcata (rice milk)

Jamaica (hibiscus iced tea)

fresh squeezed OJ

beach bevie loveliness

Daily gorging on fresh guacamole and salsa made me one happy chica. 

TH was a happy hombre because I only let him eat goat or raw cheese at home, and he ate Mexican white cheese until it was coming out of his pores.  Here are some of his favorite dishes.  

Pozole, a hominy soup with a green chile base, served with all the fixings:  

Pina Reyna, a pineapple stuffed with grilled seafood, veggies and oozing cheese:

Seafood Alambre: 


As much as I enjoyed vacation, I look forward to my normal diet filled with greens, oodles of veggies, and raw desserts.  Thirty three hours of travel down, eight more to go.... (I'm so tired it took about fifteen minutes and lots of finger work to do the math on that one.)

Question:  Do you eat the same types of food on vacation as you do at home?  


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