Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pad Thai-ish

I'm a sucker for new cookbooks, and I tend to buy them like I buy wine and books:  pretty labels/covers.  
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I've owned this recipe book for a while, but have done little with it but admire the gorgeous pictures.  Some of the ingredients are tricky to find, and the first recipe I made (potato salad) was kind of ehhh.

I pulled it off the shelf and jumped right in this weekend.  After making the chocolate chips yesterday,  I chose the recipe for pad thai.  Once again, major substitution was in order (olive oil for some of the sesame oil, lemon juice for lime juice, Tapatio for chiles, zucchini noodles for jicama and mung bean sprouts).  It still turned out delicious, and it was pretty easy to make. It made a huge amount, so I'll have lots of leftovers for work this week.

I also thumbed through another cookbook I haven't use in a while.  

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In the past I've made the:

  • Pineapple Icebox Dessert (delicious!)
  • Key Lime Bonbons (not my fave)
  • Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake (excellent)
  • Liquid Chocolate (hardens instantly when cold)
Today I made the Coconut Ice Kream.  (I meant to mix in some chocolate chips  at the end of the ice cream maker cycle, but the ice kream hardened too quickly.)

The flavor of this dessert is great, but the texture is kind of grainy.  I'm not sure if that stems from the cashews or the coconut flakes.  If I were to make this again I would add a tablespoon or two of sunflower lecithin in an attempt to gain a little creaminess. 

Question:  Does anyone know how to make raw ice cream without nuts or Thai young coconut meat?  


  1. NO idea re: the ice cream, but I want to thank you for torturing me with pics of chocolatey desserts lately. I made my first raw chocolate mousse pie this weekend and it was DELISH! Admittedly, it was not as pretty as yours with the cross views from spring-form pan pieces. I parced mine out into ramekins that I truly meant to share with friends (oops).
    Love the blog!

  2. Hi Brook! I apologize for the torture, but am glad to know that you were able to make a chocolate mousse pie as a result. :) I, too, know all about the dessert oopsies. Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. I was trying to comment on this a couple days ago but for some reason it wasn't letting me. It was a sweet serendipity, as I just got Matt's 'Everyday' books myself, and Ani's little book was the only other raw book I owned until I got those. You keep having me envy the ice cream maker!

    But I was also suggesting the obvious banana ice cream in Vita (just a little loud when you're making it for company) and I've also made similar lovely ice cream based on frozen avocado (works best with 'green' flavors like mint and pistachio, but I do remember making a 'rum and raisin' flavor years ago and just asking my guests to forgive the green hue...

  4. @Ela

    Ela- I'm so sorry about the comment situation. How annoying. :(

    I do loooove banana ice cream, but usually do it in the food processor. I think there is less side scraping involved. I was also thinking about frozen avocado...rum and raisin sounds interesting!