Sunday, January 16, 2011


(Have I mentioned that I really want to be one of those clever individuals who thinks of cutesy names for raw food?)

My eats today felt un piccolo Italiano.  I was in the big city visiting a friend, so I made my customary stop at Freddie's to hit the olive bar.  

I also had pasta with zuke noodles and sauce from Delightfully Raw

Yesterday my girlfriend and I were at Natural Pantry in Anchorage.  When I go there I let myself choose one raw snack food item to sample, as they are so pricey and I think I make pretty darn good snack foods myself.  This time I bought granola bars made by Two Moms in the Raw.  We were really hungry and quickly tore into this bag.

My non-raw friend thought they were lovely, and my verdict is the same. The bars somehow tasted hearty and light at the same time.  The sweet/salty ratio was also enjoyable.  Nice job Raw Moms! 

Up until last week I'd been on a hiatus from P90X.  I was able to run and do yoga daily while in Mexico, and then I enjoyed a week of skiing/yoga when we returned.  My X comeback has been hard!  Today during legs and back I had to go to my happy place to get through iso toe lunges.  

Question:  What's your favorite way to exercise?  How do you get through hard workouts?  

Ta-ta, I'm off to my to my happy place!  


  1. I've been seeing those 2moms in the raw bars even at Starbucks! Impressive... I'm not a big granola fan so haven't tried yet but glad to hear that they're good.

    We're back up to Anch tomorrow too. Hoping the roads will be clear....

    I keep hearing about P90X on folks' blogs that I read--sounds quite intimidating to me. I'm not super-skookum, unfortunately (thyroid/adrenal probs, can't do massive amounts of exercise like my husband likes to every day)... But both my husband and I like to exercise by 'doing stuff'--like hiking rather than treadmill, he loves digging holes and ditches, we haul water obviously, etc, etc. I did just get a rebounder, though--a funny blog post coming up at some point about how we fit it in this cabin! And I love yoga-type stuff. Hiking, yoga stuff, rebounding probably my three faves, used to be treeclimbing too.

    Great 'happy place' - Diane Ackerman is a great writer...

  2. I would always choose hiking over the treadmill as well. Tree climbing is an interesting form of exercise. I look forward to reading about cabin rebounding. :)

    I'm really enjoying "A Natural History of the Senses" by Ackerman- it's fascinating!