Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Do Mermaids Have Babies?

Just had to share the research question posed by one of my students today.  

The Veggie Hemp Burgers from Delightfully Raw I made yesterday received rave reviews from TH. (Served with RAWvolution's raw ketchup (yum!), spinach, and onions, sandwiched between raw crackers.)  Carmella- you have made my "Me want meat!"  hubby a raw food enthusiast.  I was so excited to have one for lunch today.    It was everything I wanted from a veggie burger:  hearty, moist, flavorful.  

After work I snacked on nori crisps, which put the fun in funky (looking).  I cut nori sheets into squares and topped them with a little Raw Goddess dressing (posted by yasi on Raw Food Talk).  I put them in the D at 105 for about 6 hours, and then tried to save some for later.  The tang of the vinegar, bite of the garlic and the nuttiness of the tahini go really well with the nori.  

Dessert will be green and brown this evening.  If you prefer treats on the minty, not-so-sweet side, then stop by my cabin because I have plenty to share! 

Question:  How DO mermaids have babies?  


  1. Gosh, minty and not-so-sweet is right up my alley... The nori crisps sound pretty yummy also.

    I love that question! But of course, the storks bring them the babies, right?

  2. Oh I will make that. Veggie burgers are Robert' favorite. I will try that this weekend. I pick up a Two Moms in the Raw bar today. I see these at Starbucks (um i mean......) and I have always wanted to try them - can't wait for snack time.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting, ladies!

    Ela- I think you would love the pie. :)

    CC- Let me know what you think of both the veggie burgers and Two Moms.