Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Viv Likes Irish Moss

I am excited to say that success was mine in my first ever Irish moss experimentation!  I followed the directions from Delightfully Raw to make a gelatinous paste.  Basically it involved a lot of rinsing, soaking and blending.  (Not the most water saving ingredient.)  Mixed up with the Irish moss was a lot of sand, some dirt (?), a little fishing line, and tidbits of anchor rope.  What the heck?  You would think for the price someone could at least pick out the inorganics before mailing it to me.

Anyhoo, I decided to try out my wad of paste (which, unfortunately, looks like something that could get a girl pregnant) in Raw Grasshopper Pie from Pure 2 Raw.  I'm loving this Irish moss business.

The crust on this pie was delish.  I was happy because it was nut free, and tasted like chocolate cookie crumbs. 

The banana cream layer was lovely, but I was kind of "eh" about the mint layer.  I had to add a little sweetener as it didn't call for any and my sweet tooth did not approve.  All together, with a little improvised raw chocolate chips (1/2 cup cacao, 1/2 cup maple syrup, 1/2 cup melted coconut oil, dash of vanilla and sea salt), the pie was yummalicious.  Thank you Pure 2 Raw!  

It warmed up to -10 today, so we set out on a walk to feel the sun on our faces. 

A little dehydrated quiche warmed us right up post-walk.  It's actually quite rich- I ate the missing wedge and then had to revert to raw veggies.  

Question:  Do you think Irish moss is stinky, or that it smells like fresh, salty, sea air?  


  1. That's WILD about the moss! Seriously - fishing line? Dirt doesn't surprise me, but fishing line? Ridiculous! That quiche is everything I love and more :) I think the pie is pretty, but I would much rather just eat a giant pie of banana paste than eat mint paste. ...But I hate toothpaste too, so... I'm both dirty and whiny. I went to the store and got some veggies! Not even eating 25% raw, but it's better than nothin. Carrs has decent sales on veggies and fruits and I want to try mango for the first time ever. Your post from vacation really whet my appetite for some mango!

  2. So glad you're trying Irish moss: I think it's my new favorite thing too! And I am brewing some ideas of using it as an agave substitute in low-sugar desserts also. I adore mint, and have thought I'd like to try Pure2raw's grasshopper pie too (I'd never heard of the term before they posted it)!

    but yes, with all that rinsing, it's not the most water-saving product, is it?

    Snowing here all day today, which means it warmed up to 26. Been so ready for some more snow, so I hope it doesn't warm up and rain...

  3. @Ester Jean You are going to love Mango. It is seriously delicious. I have a small addiction problem with dried mangos. It is kind of a problem because the good organic ones are like $15/lb. I am working it out though.

  4. Also, Kt, you seem to always have posts about desserts. I have a huge sweet tooth as well. How often do you make desserts?

  5. @Ester Jean

    Did you try the mango? And you don't think toothpaste tastes good?!

  6. @Ela

    Agave substitute...interesting. How would that work, as it doesn't seem to have any taste? Would you just skip the agave altogether?

  7. @CC

    Hey CC, yes, I do love both making and eating desserts. My problem is that I make one, eat a little, and then want to make something new. My freezer is full of raw delights! I would say that I eat a little dessert every night. In the past when I've been more restrictive, I've felt deprived and then eventually gone way overboard.