Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bad Case of the Januarys

It finally stopped snowing today, but I wouldn't know if it was anything but gray as we left for work in the dark and drove home in the dark.  One of our motion lights was turned off and while speedwalking across the porch for the outhouse (in the dark) I stepped on the base of a push broom and whacked myself in the noggin with the handle.  I want light back!  It's always this time of year that I feel January is never going to end.  I decided I needed to post bright, cheery pictures, in case any one else is suffering from the Januarys.

Question:  How do you feel about January?  


  1. Oh, I just love those little lettuces! Sorry about your altercation with the broom. I fell on my head yesterday walking down the path to our cabin: it's a sheet of ice right now.

    I guess you're a ways farther north than us: I'm actually noticing light in the sky before 9am these days (not broad daylight, but a hint behind the mountains). I try to feel excited about it getting lighter every day, but I can sure relate to 'the Januarys'! Do you use a sad light? I think it helps us. I also take 10,000iu of vitamin D per day but not everyone needs that much (my husband only takes 2,000).


  2. pretty photos! january is snuggly, and a good time for garden planning. i can also think of many negative things to say about january, but i'll just stop here.=)

  3. @Ela

    Ouch! Hope your head is okay. Our cabin path can also be a sheet of ice, but we've had so much snow that now it's like a mole rat tunnel.

    You are right, it is getting lighter, but we are not seeing light until after 9:00. What brand of Vitamin D do you take?

  4. @kelli

    Thank you for stopping by, Kelli! You are right, I need to focus on the positives, like all of the guilt free reading I get done during January. This month is actually pretty nice on the weekends. :)