Sunday, January 9, 2011

Want Me to Make You Some Raw Noodles?

This morning I hopped out of bed to play with my Cook Help.  I made a whole mess of noodles to top with various sauces for lunches this week.

green pepper, carrots, zucchini, squash 

I also mixed Cauliflower Curry from Delightfully Raw with kelp, squash, and carrot noodles.  I didn't think it was saucy enough to soften the kelp noodles, so I dumped some Cheezy Hemp Nacho Sauce on top and gave everything a good mix.  I left the dish in the D at 105 for a few hours while we went on our ski. 

When we came up we were able to warm up with what I am calling Spicy Cheezy Mac, because it reminded me a bit of mac'n'cheese, with a kick.  TH enjoyed it as well, but did not agree that it tasted like mac'n'cheese.  Whatevs. 

I had just made another batch of Caramel Sauce #2 from Sweetly Raw's Just Desserts, so I added a little water to Viv, let her run on high for a bit, and then went all gaga over the resulting warm frothy caramel "milk".  Yummm!  

Hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend!  

our silly woodpecker

It's not dark until after 4pm!  Yay!!

Question:  Have you ever spiralized any unique veggies to make raw noodles?  I need ideas for what to try next!  


  1. Yay for the light returning! Isn't it amazing how there's more at both ends of every day?

    Green pepper noodles is a new one on me: I'm impressed, they're beautiful!

    When I lived in HI, zukes and cukes were hard to grow and hard to come by, but chayote squash grew really well. I made chayote noodles quite a lot and they were good!

    Haha--I do that same trick of washing out the vita and drinking what was left on. It's definitely a good way to go. You guys are hauling water too, right? So you make every drop count. We also live right on the edge of the bluff, and have erosion to worry about.


  2. Oh, wow, I have noodle envy. I love it. I am definitely going to try putting the Kelp noodles in the dehydrator. I really like the variety that noodles offer.

  3. Ela- thanks for the tip on chayote squash- I've never heard of it but you've piqued my interest. I love drinking Vita-mix cleaning juice when I've made something sweet, not so much with the savory items.

    CC- yes, marinate your kelp noodles and put them in the D and you will be in love!!