Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling Fishy

I love to eat!  While I'm finishing off my breakfast smoothie I'm already looking forward to lunch.  TH can go all day without eating when he's fishing.  I asked my friend Kelci if she had any passions that would make her forget about eating.  She said, "Eating!"  I can relate.  I feel kind of weird saying that food is one of my passions, but there it is.

My friend Andrea, who knows me very well, sent me some goodies in the mail. I just have to share!

Both the kale chips and the "raweos" (how cute is that?) were from Blessing's Alive and Radiant Foods, a company I'd never heard of.  The kale chips were perfecto, satisfyingly crunchy and ranchy.  The raweos were adorable to look at, and quite good in the raw/healthy sense, but I don't know if an average eater would go back for seconds.  I think maybe the chai essence added a little too much drama.  All in all, it was such a lovely surprise at the PO today.

Sometimes I have a hankering for fish.  Salmon I generally don't eat raw, instead we marinate it in Bragg's, maple syrup, and garlic before grilling.  I feel so lucky that we can catch our own wild salmon.

Cook Help got a little frisky with the carrots. 

Question:  Are you so passionate about something, that while immersed in it, you forget about eating for long periods of time?


  1. Sewing! I really do love food. We always have a sucky selection in the house, though, it seems like (today is payday and I am going to venture into the raw sections, inspired by you, and I'll let you know if I end up wasting a lot of beautiful produce in my attempt). But if I am sewing I forget everything, like bathing, going to the bathroom, and nourishment. ...Then when I hear the garage door open signaling my hubs is at the bottom of the driveway, I holler, "Oh! $h!t!" and race into the bathroom, turn on the shower and pretend like I was in there all on my own when he peeks his head in, but those are always the days I feel like I am going to faint in the shower because I get in there with the steam and realize it's like 3 p.m. and I haven't ate since 7 p.m. last night. Oops!

    On another-other note, when I read "feeling fishy" and "breakfast smoothie" so close together, I was thinking this post might make me feel a little yukky, like Fish Smoothie? I'm glad it turned out spectacular. Seriously, your food photos make my mouth water and really have inspired me to go seek out some new foods. Mangos are on sale(ish) at Carrs and I am going to try a mango for the first time! Holla!

  2. (on another-othery note, I really wanted to say thanks for reading my blog. We are not blogging about the same kinds of things, so I think it's particularly great that you read my nonsense anyway and are sweet to comment, and I am allllways curious to know what amazing recipes you're making up there in your cabin with Viv! lol! Thanks for sharing)

  3. It is indeed such a blessing to be able to catch our own wild salmon. I'm always looking for more good ways to fix it for Phil and others (just not feeling like eating it myself these days, although I did try when I first moved up here). Love the frisky cooks help!

    I used to live in Berkeley and knew Blessing personally, albeit slightly. She's a sweet lady. She has a stand at the Berkeley farmer's market and does takeout meals there as well as the packaged goods.

    Always fun to get care packages in the mail!

  4. @Ester Jean

    That's so funny! I get that way when I'm preparing raw recipes. I swear, I don't even notice I have to go the bathroom until I'm done with recipe, then all of a sudden it hits me and I'm running out the door to avoid wetting my pants!

  5. @Ela

    What a neat coincidence that you knew Blessing! It's interesting to have insight into the company. I had to restrain myself from eating the kale chips in one setting. :)

  6. Um, please. Did Kelci say that her obsession was eating morsels and not actually whole meals. Haha. I would have to agree with Kelci though. Robert says that he has never met anyone that talks or thinks so much about food. I just said that's because he hasn't really met you.

  7. @CC

    She does enjoy tidbits, doesn't she? :)