Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Helps your cooking fast, joyfully with wonderfully edged strings!"

When I ordered my ice cream maker I also threw a Japanese Benriner Cook Help into my shopping cart.  It arrived today!

I had read that this tool makes fantastic raw veggie noodles and had been scoping it out for a while.  I was tired of using a veggie peeler, or slicing my fingers on my cheap mandolin.  

I am soooo glad the instructions came illustrated because they were full of useful tips like:
  • "Also, cut it in tiney (sic) pieces with kitchin (sic) knife and use for Hamburg steak, frizzled rice, etc."
  • "Sliced onion can be obtained with ease. Very much popular as stamina food."
  • "Just a little bit different Tastes of a regular cook."
Okay, I'm rude, but I had a nice laugh at Benriner's expense, but then did feel truly joyful (as the instructions stated I would) when I figured the thing out.  It is super cool!  

After playing around with lots of veggies (should have taken pics!), I made green pepper and carrot "noodles" and topped them with Cauliflower Curry from Delightfully Raw.  Heavenly.  

One of our Full Circle Farm boxes this week was packed with kale.  I did the ordering for this box when I was in Mexico, under extreme leafy green deprivation.  I wonder if FCF thinks I learned how to make meth with kale.  

Only one thing to do with bucco kale:  KALE CHIPS!!

I decided to do something productive with that mysterious freezer chocolate ganache, so I don't continue to spoon it mindlessly into my mouth while reading blogs.  

I set it on the wood stove to soften it up, then spooned a little layer into a candy mold.  I froze it for a bit, then spooned in a layer of Caramel Sauce #2 from Sweetly Raw's Just Desserts recipe book.  (BTW:  that caramel sauce is outstanding.  Tastes better than the real deal.)  I froze it again, and topped the candies with another layer of ganache.  

Wow.  This is better.  I can eat one or two of these and feel totally satisfied.  

Question:  What's your favorite kitchen tool?  


  1. Ahhh! Those instructions are awesome! KT, seriously, seeing the food you are eating is really tempting me to go raw. Everything you eat is gorgeous! I wonder if it would break my guy's heart. When did you start eating raw? Was it a difficult transition for you?

  2. haha - I didn't answer your question. This should be a reflection of my kitchin skills: the toaster. haha!

  3.'s embarassing that MY "kitchin" was a result of my lack of sleep today and not a hilarious translation issue.

  4. Hi Ester Jean! I must admit that I truly love eating raw and get so excited about how creative and tasty dishes can be. That said, it can be time consuming and a little pricey. My interest in raw food stems from way back, but I always thought it was kind of wacky. I started reading about raw foods more thoroughly about a year ago, and went mostly raw in March. I had no problems transitioning, except for occasional unpreparedness. Now I think I over prepare: I always have pizza crusts, crackers and desserts in the freezer and lots of sauces, dressings and produce in the fridge. As you can tell by my blog, I'm a little obsessed! :)

  5. fave kitchen tool has to be my handheld food processor. When I don't want to make a lot of food, or a big mess, it's easy to clean up, and use :)

    I love in the description about yourself you've written, in addition to living with your hubby, you live with your vita-mix hahaha it made me lol!

    love your blog!

    -Amy :)

  6. Thanks for sharing the Benriner lols--frizzled rice is a new one on me! I love those kinds of translation bloopers. I love their little mandolin that I have (although I do shred my fingers occasionally), but this tool looks like a pretty cool noodler. I've worked with spiroolis and saladaccos before and prefer the spirooli--saladacco seems flimsy and unable to cope with harder vegies. But the top-down direction makes more sense--the spirooli is always trying to walk away. I don't own either, so may have to follow your lead.

    My favorite kitchen tool is my vitamix, of course--don't know how I managed without for so long. But I love my little immersion blender, my chef knife and little mandolin too.

    So cool that you have a wood stove! Instant melting of cacao butter or coconut oil! And so cool that you support Full Circle Farm. I love their boxes, and keep thinking that I might sign us up.

    I think I need to know how to make that caramel--those little medallions look divine. Way to use something that you didn't even know you had!


  7. LOL to those kitchen instructions. Way funny!

    And what about those chocolate ganache thingys. Man I am sitting here drooling over them. How about faxing over a couple to Saudi Arabia for me please???

    My favourite kitchen tool has definitely got to be my 'vivian' although I definitely need to find my own name for it right?

  8. @amy

    Hi Amy! Thanks for your comment. I'm very interested in this handheld food processor you speak of...I need to go look one up!

  9. @Girl on Raw

    Okay, Girl on Raw, I'll send you some of those chocolate caramel thingies and you can send me some fresh dates! :) Oh, and some sun!

  10. @Ela

    My Cook Help seems a little flimsy as well (unfortunately made of plastic), but it didn't have any problems spitting out noodles from a squash made of granite. I've never worked with a spirooli before, so not sure how to compare the two.

    I can't imagine living without Viv either! I've only had her a year, but after multiple uses per day, I know I've gotten my money's worth.

    I adore FCF! They have a wonderful mission statement, impeccable customer service, and lovely produce. Fridays are extra exciting for me as that's when our boxes arrive. :)