Thursday, January 20, 2011

Filled to Capacity

My freezer is full of chocolate bliss! 

But I felt like something a little lighter this evening.  (Might have something to do with the pound of roasted Brussels sprouts I inhaled alongside a mountainous salad for dinner.)  I had a pile of softening mangos and a bitchin' ice cream maker at my disposal, so I opted for mango-banana sorbet.

Into Viv I tossed:

2 mangos
1 banana
a couple squirts of agave

That mixture went into the ice cream maker and fifteen minutes later I was sharing a bowl of the tropics with TH.  

Question:  How often do you have dessert?  Once in a while, once a day, once a meal?  



  1. Um, literally, are these things all in your freezer? I will be right up.

  2. It's true! Apparently I'm a dessert hoarder.

  3. That's one of the things I love about raw desserts: most of them are readily freezable and thus 'hoardable.' It's so, well, nice to have a freezer of goodies.

    Mango-banana is such a wonderful combo. If it's a good mango, it can almost mimic a lighter durian (did you ever get into durian?)

    I have dessert only if I make it, and make it 'Ela-friendly,' but am working on no- or low-sugar desserts that are 'everybody-friendly' and should be done yeast-killing in a few months and able to branch out more.

    In case you don't see my response to it (which I'm about to write), thank you so much for your comment on my last blog. The feeling of appreciation of having found your blog is mutual, and I'm hugely touched and thrilled with all that you said.


  4. @Ela

    Hi Ela! I only eat desserts I make as well, but while mine are mostly raw, they are not low glycemic like yours.

    I smelled durian a long time ago in Indonesia and it scared me so much I never tried one. Now I wish I had access to them.

    Thanks for all your great comments and tips!