Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Chocolate

I have been intrigued by Matthew Kenny's chocolate chip recipe from Everyday Raw for quite some time.  Raw chocolate chips.  Really??  The recipe looked like a pain in the butt, but it really wasn't!  I don't have a piping bag, so I used a Ziploc with a tiny whole cut in the corner.  (I think a piping bag would yield a prettier result).  The recipe made four D trays, which is exciting because they taste super delicious and hold their shape.

My first chocolate chip application was with Delightfully Raw's cheesecakes, which I found in the depths of the freezer.  Still yummy.  

Unfortunately I don't have all the necessary ingredients for Kenney's chocolate chip cookies (where does one find cashew flour?).  TH thinks that I should really read an entire recipe through before jumping in, to make sure I have all the ingredients.  I don't usually worry about this, as I am a highly qualified substituter, but I don't want to mess up a recipe involving my lovely chippies. 

Once again, my favorite part of this recipe was cleaning out the blender.  Warm chocolate anyone?  

Question:  Anyone know a replacement for cashew flour, that could work in raw cookies?  Coconut flour?  


  1. We made his cookies at 105 minus the choc chippies as we ran out of time so yes i have the same fascination for the buggers - I need to make them pronto now that you have reminded me of them!

    As for cashew flour - it is just cashews ground up in your Vivian :)

    PS did I tell you, i JUST had to buy that book after you rave it about it so much? Just looking at the cheesecake recipes NOW

  2. Oooh, how were the cookies? Good to know about the cashew flour. :) Do you soak the cashews first?

    I hope you are enjoying the cookbook!

  3. Girl on raw said it about the cashew flour: pretty easy really, and I'm sure you could sub a different flour (although cashews are less fibrous, silkier and prettier than some other nuts). I don't have a D, and shouldn't eat cacao, but have been likewise intrigued by those chips. I've also done the ziploc bag piping trick! (If we get to Value Village this time we're in Anch, I'll hunt for a proper one). You make them look fab!

  4. @Ela

    Thank you, Ela! I think chocolate chip cookies might be in the works for this week. :)