Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New to Me Coconut Water!

Two things I love about cabin life:

1.  Watching the northern lights as I pee off my porch in the middle of the night.
2.  I can reach everything I need in my kitchen without taking a single step.

My two least favorite things:

1.  I think I smell like a homeless person due to a lack of laundry facilities.
2.  I'm still wearing my coat and long johns and we've been home from work for two hours (takes a while for that wood stove to kick in).

Anyhoo- has anyone tried this before?

I was shocked to find it in a notoriously ghetto grocery store in Wasilla.  I've tried a lot of bottled/boxed coconut water and to me, that guy tasted extremely close to this:  

On the topic of favorite Mexican beverages, I took a stab at raw horchata.  I put homemade almond milk in Viv with a dash of vanilla, a few hearty shakes of cinnamon, and a little raw honey.  I think it tasted quite a bit like the real deal.

I love it when Viv makes things frothy!  

I was craving Indian food the other day, and happened upon a recipe for Vegetable Samosas on Russell James's Raw Chef website.  I made only the inner workings of the samosas, to use as a topping for raw crackers.

First impressions:  I liked it because it tasted strongly of Indian food (garam masala in particular), but I didn't like it because it tasted strongly of Indian food.  Does that make sense?  After eating it as a snack for a couple of days I decided that I would indeed make it again. 

Russell James's fancy schmancy pictures had me so excited that I started the lengthy process for his Spinach and Wild Mushroom Quiche.  (If you make his recipes, you get to call zucchinis "courgettes"!)  I greedily lapped up the bits of crust dough stuck to the FP blade, so I'm guessing the recipe will be a keeper.  

Question:  Do you have a favorite "energy" drink?  My two faves are coconut water and kombucha.  


  1. I haven't had either of the kinds you mentioned. I rarely drink energy drinks 1. because they smell like radiation or something similarly yucky and 2. because they are expensive, but I really like the Rockstar Recovery. It is super low in calories and has lots of vitamins and nutrients and it tastes like a kind of sweet, non-carbonated soda. I never thought I would like an energy drink, but my fella talked me into trying that and I realy love it now. Just another expensive habit!!

    I love that you can pee off your deck, though I am a little sorry you have to :( Bet ya don't smell homeless. Or if you smell at all, I bet lots of other people in your area smell about the same. I don't mean that to sound weird. ...Just sayin. When I was growing up, we were friends with several Amish families and they didn't have running water and I don't remember them ever smelling "bad."

  2. oh yeah, are you talking about 3 Bears? haha! I'm just guessing ...that's right down the road from our house and usually where we shop unless we need things like my facewash or face lotion, and then they have a tiny selection. I am still researching eating raw/getting the pH balance right, and trying to start slow, like I can't go to 100% raw probably ever because my poor guy won't have anybody to cook for :( Your recipes are gorgeous.

  3. What a funny coincidence: I'm planning on making raw samosas for a party tomorrow! How cool. I'll have to check Russell's recipe too.

    And I'm smelling distinctively 'homeless' myself today, and just busted one of our water judge hauling water, so charming.

    I grew up saying 'courgette' and 'aubergine'--surprising how easy it was to lose the habit. Love that C2O--I don't think I've seen it in AK yet but I had it when we were in Oregon at Phil's mom's this fall.


  4. Ester Jean- I can't believe you guessed which store I was talking about! Too funny. It really does have a reputation!

    I think you are so wise to research nutrition- I feel like we are all different, with unique biological and psychological needs. There's nothing wrong with eating more raw fruits and veggies, though! :)

  5. @Ela

    I hope your samosas are delightful! Russell's filling recipe really grew on me quite a bit.

    I love that you can relate about hauling water. Do you use the 5 gallon blue ones? How did yours break?

    I now have to go to your blog to research where you grew up....