Sunday, January 23, 2011

Viv Goes to Town, Part 1

Sometimes I wonder if Viv ever gets tired.  I made her earn her keep today!  (TH wants to buy me earmuffs,  to protect my ears.  I made him happy by wearing my earplugs.)

We had lovely smoothies this morning, chock full of chard, frozen bananas, mango, mandarins, spirulina, protein powder, and coconut oil.

Then Viv and I did our thang, getting yummies ready for the workweek and for dinner at a friend's this  evening.

I have good news to report.  The bread that I was so worried about yesterday tastes a lot better with toppings.  

Russell James's Nut Free Bread
Delightfully Raw's Tomato Sauce 
Russell James's Macadamia Mozzarella
Olive Tapenade from Raw Food Real World
Shrooms marinated in Bragg's, garlic, and EVOO

I also made two new-to-me kale chip recipes.  BBQ (yummmm) from Raw Candy and Wasabi  from Affairs of Living.  I was looking for something nut free and delicious and these two recipes delivered the goods.  I think I will use more wasabi powder for the second recipe next time.  (I know liquid smoke and wasabi are probably not totally raw, but neither am I!) 

Of course I took full advantage of the opportunity to make dessert for raw curious friends.  I went with the springform mode once again, layering a chocolate crust with caramel, avocado chocolate mousse, whipped cream, and chocolate caramel candies.  I think it's too soon to remove the springform, so I will return with a full bite by bite report tomorrow. 

I need to head out the door, so Vivian's escapades will be continued at another date.  Have a lovely evening!  

Question:  Have you ever accidentally started your lidless blender (full of liquid) with your husband sitting in exactly the wrong place?  


  1. Ouch to the lidless blender question! I was working a job once, though, where the Vitamix didn't have a lid and there were a few incidents like that.

    Sounds like everything you've prepared will be delectable--looking forward to the report (although we're on the road and I may not see it for a day).


  2. Yikes- I can't imagine using a lidless Vitamix on a regular basis. Although Viv's trajectory was fairly impressive.

  3. oh those little toppers on the bread look delicious! always :)

  4. Thank you, Ester Jean! They were pretty yummy, although the bread got soggy in a hurry.